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Training Progress and Update

Greetings all.  I’ve been working on rehabbing my ankle for the past couple weeks since I stopped my 100 days of running.  This has given me a really great chance to work on my swimming.  I have been swimming 4x per week the past couple weeks and am planning on continuing to do such until mid-February.

After my swim focus I’ll jump into a two-month long bicycle focus to build my legs back up for the coming season.  I will be getting Cera (my faithful TT steed) back sometime in early February from the spa and we will have to reunite.  I have a brand spankin’ new saddle from Prologo that I can’t wait to try out as well!

My running is going to come back quickly, I believe.  I ran 3x last week and started to feel better and generally without pain.  I ran 2 five milers and a fast 10k on Saturday (data below).  I’m going to continue running 3-4x per week between 4 and 8 miles per run to try and keep my base that I built over the 76 (nee 100) days of running.  I’m also really looking forward to getting my new gear for the season.  I have 4 pairs of K-Swiss running shoes on the way as I type this: two pairs of Blade-Light Run NPs, one pair of Blade-Light runs and one pair of Blade-Max Glides.

I was also fortunate enough to have a little featurette written up about me over at (  So swing on over there and check it out and give them some traffic, they’re really awesome people.

I’ll do my best to keep you all informed of my progress with training as this awfully cold part of the year continues.  Until then, Cheers!

19. January. 2013 10k Test

Check out that perfect increase in pace over the whole run!


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Days 66-70: Big Runs, First Brick and an Abrupt End to the 100 Days

Well, it’s been a difficult week and a half.  I’ve been dealing with some ankle and achilles tendon issues for the past few days and it really flared up during my brick on Sunday (January 6th).  I tried to run through it on the 7th and made it 5 miles.  By the time January 8th came around, I couldn’t go more than .2 miles.  I made the executive decision that I didn’t want to sacrifice my season due to the blow to my ego of not finishing the 100 days.  I had a really strong long run on Saturday the 5th of 11 miles in 1:17.  I just started feeling really strong about my running and then this catastrophe happened.

Moving forward, I’m shifting into a more sustainable triathlon training regimen.  I’m going to focus on my swim for the next couple weeks while working on some functional strength training.  Running will be very touch-and-go for the next month, I believe.  I don’t want to rush back into it and extend my recovery time and put my season in jeopardy.  I will also try to do some light bike workouts as well.  

For swimming, I’m going to work on a 5-day per week program that makes my total volume near 13km.  If I can keep some semblance of fitness while swimming, I should be able to pick up nearly where I left off with my running.  

I’m doing my best not to succumb to the darkness now that I’m injured.  I will come back stronger and with fresh legs.  Stay tuned for swim workouts!

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Days 57-65: Florida, The New Year and the Return to the Frozen Tundra

Again, I’ve been a very bad blogger the past week or so.  The days after Christmas were filled with lots of packing for my trip to Florida and tying up loose ends at my previous job.  On the 26th, 27th and 28th I managed to run three more 10ks before heading off to Florida for a much-deserved vacation with Alex and my family.  It’s a great feeling to see how easy these runs are becoming for me.  My base is finally at a level where I can begin to run faster for longer now.  I’ve been consistently breaking the 40 minute 10k barrier on my tempo runs without breaking much of a sweat.  

Running in Florida (Cape Coral, to be exact)

Alex and I arrived at my parents’ house on the evening of the 28th the 29th was a super early morning run in Florida before our day trip to Miami.  I managed a sticky 5.5 miles before succumbing to the showers.  I celebrated the end of week 8 with a 10 miler in midday heat that included a very well-paced last 4 miles.

Week Eight totals

Miles: 45.5

Time: 5:40:13

Overall totals

Miles: 321.02

Time: 40:28:30

New Year’s Eve is my birthday and I think it should be a national holiday as well.  That being said, I ran 5 miles in the tropical 84 degrees and high humidity of Southwest Florida.  New Year’s Day was a great little interval run with Alex (her first in many, many years) and I ran a little extra interval session of my own to see where my limits were.  We flew back to Minneapolis on January 2nd 😦 and came back to snow.

Back in Minneapolis

Treadmills are key when it is ugly out.  We jumped off the plane and I headed to the downtown YWCA for a quick 5.5 mile shakeup.  I started my new job at Kodet Architectural Group on January 3rd and was planning on a morning run but aborted it when I started having issues with this nagging cold, again.  I ran after work instead.  Unfortunately, the downtown YWCA was closed due to a construction crew hitting a 36″ water main and flooding a good bit of downtown.  So, I ran outside.  I ran 6 miles in 13 degrees, it was no fun.  I’m looking forward to getting back indoors tonight.

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