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The Season Opener: Oshkosh Half Marathon

Sunday April 21 was the first race of the season for me and it was a good start to a long season of racing.  Alex and I both ran this race in my hometown of Oshkosh, WI.  With the lovely spring weather we’ve been having, it was a week of nervous weather-watching leading up to our trip and race in the homeland.  Luckily, we only had to deal with some cold temperatures and wind on race morning.  It was an emotional start to the season in wake of the events in Boston the previous Monday.  The emotions on the startline were both somber and optimistic.  The running community is truly the strongest that I know of and this was on full display Sunday.  The community came out and cheered in the cold for all of us fortunate runners.

The Race

In itself, the race was actually uneventful.  It was great getting a chance to run through my old neighborhood and the memories were ever-present during the run.  The Southern breeze was just stiff enough to be a nuisance for the middle third of the run and (probably) cost me a couple minutes off my finish time (though it did for everyone).  Some of the data is below for your enjoyment; you’ll see a very even-tempo for the whole race (which is a very positive takeaway).  In all, I finished 5/50 in my age group and was 29th male in the race with a finishing time of: 1:30:29.  1:14:42 won the race, which is about 5 minutes slower than typical, to give you an idea of the conditions for the day.  I’m back into getting prepped for the triathlon season and have a few duathlons upcoming.  I’m looking forward to (hopefully) riding and running outside without heavy clothes!

The route of the race, through the homeland and a very even-keeled effort:











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Big News and a Tough Few Weeks

Good morning fanbase, I’ve been beyond busy the past few weeks and have been largely absent from the blogosphere.  Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been doing:

The Update

  1. Work: I had a huge project deadline last Friday that zapped most of my energy and time. (I spent this weekend laying around a lot, a LOT)
  2. I’ve been dealing with various aches and pains associated with training (read: overtraining).
  3. I’ve had some ups and downs in mood and disposition the past few weeks as well.
  4. My bike decided to explode last Monday (see picture)
  5. Did I mention that work has been crazy?
  6. I’ve also been around 10-15 hrs of training per week, my volume is there but, my speed, is not.Image

All in all, things have been chaotic as of late.  Tie this madness together with preparing to move (end of the month) and a hugely prolonged Winter makes for a busy spring! 


The Big News

  1. I registered for Beach2Battleship full last night!
  2. Since my tri bike is currently back at the spa for repairs (thanks to my awesome Dad), I’m taking this time to become acquainted with my steel-frame road bike.  We went on a crazy ride yesterday in the cold and wind.  (See Image)Image
  3. I had a great long run on Saturday.  Alex and I ventured out to the Lake Nokomis area and both had 12-milers.  We ended at Angry Catfish Coffee Shop so, life was extra awesome. (See image)Image
  4. With Cera being gone, I’ve taken time to go through every mechanical piece from the bike and everything is now in tip-top, clean and fast shape.  Everything is a little bit more…well, stealth, as well.
  5. Now I’ll get a slight reprieve at work so I can re-focus on training and moving!
  6. April 21 is the “official” start to race season with the Oshkosh Half Marathon. I’m jazzed.
  7. Our move-in date is April 28th and we couldn’t be more excited to be Lowry Hill residents, it’s an awesome step for us!

That’s all, for now.  I’ll keep you all updated a bit better, moving forward.

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