So Much Change Around Here!

Wow, It’s been 2 years since I wrote anything on this blog, let’s bring it back from the dead.  Since Beach2Battleship in 2013, Alex and I have moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, gotten new and different jobs, bought a house, adopted two incredible dogs and have gone innumerable changes.  I’ve maintained a full race schedule through all of this and have begun working with an awesome coach in Meghan Fillnow.  I haven’t had great successes in racing, but I’ve continued to grow, learn and understand what it means to be healthy and active.  There have been a few questions bouncing around in my mind lately about this blog:

Why did I abandon the blog a couple years ago?  The concept of a blog that focused solely on my own racing and training seemed incredibly vain and shallow.  There are already so many “racing blogs”, why should I add to the noise?

Why restart the blog now?  I’ve recently gotten paired up with The Rescue Project  as a member of “The Pack” and I want to do everything that I can to help raise money for animal rescue organizations in need.  The Rescue Project works with great designers and clothiers to make beautiful cycling and lifestyle gear.  I strongly suggest you investigate their shop, it’s top quality product.  I also want to use this platform as a way to interact with other organizations that wish to create change through sport and fitness.  Of course, there will still be “race reports” and training check-ins, but this blog will hopefully serve as a way to help raise awareness of opportunities in our community to help those in need.

With all of the above being said, thanks for checking in with me and I’m very excited to see what lies ahead.  I think 2016 has the potential to be a really positive and exciting year for racing and connecting with the larger community.

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