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A moderately successful first Duathlon: Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon

Yes, you read that correctly, I race my first duathlon on Saturday.  I’ve triathlons of all sorts of distances, running races, cycling races and the like but, never a duathlon.  Thankfully, the weather was perfect on Saturday (NOT!) for the 5k, 20 mile, 5k format in Stillwater, MN.  Tri Fitness of White Bear Lake puts on the Cinco Du Mayo duathlon and they have been doing so for the past 6 years now.  They’re a great organization and this race was a blast.


This has been an unusual offseason, to say the least.  I’ve been without my bike for the past 5 weeks and haven’t done ANY training for cycling whatsoever.  My bike showed up at my doorstep on Tuesday evening after yet another trip to the spa in Florida for “rejuvenation treatment”.  The build was quick and I had hopes of riding before Saturday but Mother Nature had distinctly differing views on the matter.  Nonetheless, I got a quick 1 mile spin around the block on my freshly glued tubulars (also the first set I’d ever glued, no big deal) and decided that was good.  I also received a brand spankin’ new aerojacket from wheelbuilder.com on Wednesday.  The old adage of “nothing new on raceday” clearly did not apply this weekend!  Saturday morning was less than ideal conditions: 30-37 degrees F, light rain, overcast and general awfulness.  Things were really looking like they were set up for a fast race…(heavy sarcasm).  This was also Alex’s first duathlon and her first real outdoor ride on her new triathlon bike.  She was pretty nervous and excited.

The Race


This is not my game face.  This is my "It's way too cold", face.  Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

This is not my game face. This is my “It’s way too cold”, face. Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

After a quick warmup on the bike to make sure everything worked.  I racked up and started to shiver.  Poor decision to wear my tri kit with only arm and leg warmers?  Perhaps.  Who cares?  If you can’t be fast enough, you might as well look awesome!

5k #1:  I started out on the front line with some of the other fast folks and tried to lead out the opening 5k. My hopes of doing so were dashed once I was blown away by eventual champion Brian Sames (wicked race, sir, wicked race).  Upon realizing that I could not hold 5:20/mi pace, I backed off and cruised to a 6:34/mi average for the opening 5k.  This put me in second coming into and out of T1.

Run: 20:11

T1: 0:37 (oh yeah!)

Heading out on the Bike.  Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

Heading out on the Bike. Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

Bike:  As I mentioned before, I had zero legs for cycling so this was a “let’s see how this goes” kind of ride.  I ended up having about 20″ on third place after a speedy transition and as I exited the park I heard Steve (Stenzel, you know, the guy in the awesome shorts) cheering for me so I instantly redlined and rode like a madman.  Then came the first real climb of the season.  I totally blew up going up that bad boy.  Climbs-1 Cody-0.  The next bits were pretty rolling and easy.  I never really felt like I should push it because my legs just weren’t ready for the quick pace.  I continued to get blown up by the climbs.  I believe I halved a match in there somewhere but, it’s all a bit fuzzy.  Final score: Climbs-3.5 Cody-.5.  I was also held up by a train.  It probably helped me because it made me remember this: “Hey, Cody, you have electrolytes in your water…DRINK THEM!”  After the boxcar boys went past, I tooled it back home to begin the run.  Another quick transition and I was off to the races.


Sweet shot on the bike.  Cranking hard.  Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

Sweet shot on the bike. Cranking hard. Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

Bike: 54:09 (stupid train cost me fastest bike split!)

T2: 0:57 (Seriously, I haven’t been practicing transitions)



 Finishing the run. Let's not talk about what my left foot is doing. Ok? Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

Finishing the run. Let’s not talk about what my left foot is doing. Ok? Courtesy of: Neil Cragan Photography

5k #2:  Knowing that I was a bajillion miles behind first and a couple minutes up on third gave me the distinct pleasure of being able to “lollygag” for my run.  I was chit-chatting and shuffling the first 1.5 miles.  After the turnaround I saw the third place runner about a half mile behind me and decided I should probably pick it up a bit.  I did.  I ran the second 1.5 in ~ 6:30/mi pace and comfortably finished in second.  I lost by over 7 minutes to Mr. Sames (ouch) but learned a good bit about duathlon racing.

Run: 21:37 (whatever)


Alex’s Mom and myself waited around for a good while for her to come in from the bike.  We both got more and more nervous by the moment.  Unfortunately, Alex came back to transition area in the Medic truck.  She had a bit of a spill on the bike and couldn’t finish.  Luckily, nothing is broken and she is left with a bit of nasty road rash.  I can’t emphasize how rough and unforgiving the roads were on Saturday and Alex felt the brunt of this.  She was having a great race and can’t wait to get back out to training and racing.

A huge congrats to my friend Steve Stenzel on his first overall duathlon victory.  He battled hard out there and got what he deserved.  Give his race report a peek over at: http://iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com/2013/05/cinco-du-mayo-duathlon-2013.html  Follow him on twitter too, because he’s pretty awesome.

We hung around for awards and shivered a bit more before heading back to the cities.  I got a sweet margarita glass  for my efforts and had some tasty tacos.  I can’t wait to get out and race again.  I went for an awesomely warm bike ride on Sunday to shake the legs and get some climbing done.  It’s going to be a fun and frantic build to the triathlon season!


Race Gear:

Run: K-Swiss K-Ruuz 1.5, Smith Pivlock V-90 Sunglasses, K-Swiss Triathlon kit (2012)

Bike: Custom Cervelo P3, Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubulars with Mavic Tyres, Wheelbuilder.com Aero Jacket, Bontrager RXL Hilo Chrome Shoes.

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Weekly Training Update or, why running on a treadmill without socks is a bad idea.


Swim – 6015 yds/1:40

Bike – 169.07 miles/8:30

Run – 28.60 miles/3:30

Total time: 13:40

As you can see, my swim is continued to fall in volume last week.  I listened to my body and decided to ease off just a little bit last week so I didn’t burn myself completely out in this early phase of training.  Running is continuing to progress nicely and I’m starting to be able to sustain threshold at a much quicker pace.  As a tip: Don’t run 10 miles on a treadmill without socks, I have the blister to prove this is a poor choice.  My bike legs are coming in quite well and things are continuing to feel better with each ride.  My 2×20′ workout went quite well on Tuesday and it gave me some motivation to work harder to increase my outputs.  Also, I finally purchased a video from “the sufferfest” to help with my bike workout structure and it was a great decision.  On Saturday I trained along to the “Blender” video and it completely whipped me.  I highly recommend this series for anyone with a penchant for pain!  The graphic below is from this workout.


There are some serious spikes in speed and heart rate there for your own interpretive devices.  I’m starting to get things moving and I can’t WAIT to get outside.

It’s also been an extremely exciting weekend for Alex and myself.  We went and checked out an apartment together and filled out an application to rent it!  It’s going to be a very busy next couple months as we prepare to move on May 1st into our new apartment (pending the application is approved).  We will probably become frequenters of Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream this summer as the new place is within a couple blocks of the shop.

This week it’s back to the higher volume and intensity after a light week.  I’m going to push back up to 12,000 yds swimming, 175 miles biking and 35 miles running.  It’s going to be a blast, trust me.

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This Week in the Life of Stad (Training Update)


Swim – 10390 yds/2:55

Bike – 164.54 miles/8:06

Run – 31.88 miles/4:03

Total time: 15:04

From the above summary, you will notice a bit of a drop off in swim time and distance this week from last week.  Simply put, I felt a bit “swimmed-out” and wanted to add in some more running distance versus the previous week.  I think it paid some dividends to my training and I’ll probably follow this pattern in the coming weeks.  I also missed one entire swim workout last week because work ramped up with a couple of project deadlines.  Generally speaking, I’m feeling pretty good about all of my training goals to this point.  I’m starting to lose some of my “freshness” so I may adjust the coming week’s schedule to let me recover a little bit instead of constantly pushing the hours, intensity and volume higher.  My key workout from last week was a really strong interval set from Tuesday morning.  It was a simple 5′ on 1′ off set with the pace turning up each time I ran.  The data is below for your technical consumption.


So, that was fun.  The bike is feeling pretty good as well.  I’m still feeling strong and feeling stronger with each session.  I have a 2×20′ set planned for this week that I’ll probably talk about in my next update.  I anticipate you’ll be waiting with baited breath!

I also received my race kit for the season, this week!  It’s pretty awesome and I will probably stand out from the crowd.  K-Swiss has done very well for me this season in the gear department!  I will look like the Luxembourg national flag on race day with my color scheme.  Brilliant blue and fiery red are the “official” colors via K-Swiss.  I can’t wait to see how they look on the race course (battling for last place, of course).


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