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Day 7: Is there such a thing as a “msd” run?

Today was a continuation in this week’s theme of “sluggishness”. Today’s run was to be 6.5 miles at a moderate pace (my MSD run, medium slow distance run). After fake sleeping in this morning and ditching my morning swim, I never really got into a good groove for the day. This carried over into the run this evening. I’m also having some dietary issues that are common for me and I’m taking a hard look at how I fuel my body. Typically my body runs acidic so I try to eat alkaline foods as often as possible to offset the negative effects of acidity. There are many schools of thought on this topic, I suggest a light bit of research. I’m currently detoxing my body with some peach tea and plain foods, it usually does the trick. Back to the run, 6.5 miles is a relatively simple distance at any pace for me so I chose 7:30 and jogged away. It’s pretty amazing how many other crazy runners run in the dark of Minnesota after work and it is a constant motivating force for my 100 days. The run was definitely better than Monday’s and I’m starting to feel a little bit of fitness coming back.

Today’s gear:
Shoes: K-Swiss blade-light run
Apparel: K-Swiss accomplish jacket (white), under armor leggings


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