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Day 8: Just another run

“Junk miles”, “easy day”, etc.  Today was a simple four mile run, no frills, no speed work, just some zone two heart rate efforts today.  I’ve been dealing with this awful stomach feeling all week so I just decided to take it easy and see if my digestion comes back to me. I’m also planning a 10-12 mile run on Saturday to celebrate “day 10” so I shouldn’t crush my legs on the couple days leading up to it.

Today’s gear:

Shoes: K-Swiss Blade-Light Run

Clothing: K-Swiss accomplish track jacket, Usain Bolt leggings


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Day 5: Intervals and GI Distress

Today was the first day of my true interval workouts.  It was also the first workout after work (A very difficult thing for me in the past).  The plan was to mash through each mile for 5 miles as hard as I could with a slight break in-between.  This was a splendid idea until my stomach began to slosh and splash like a slip-n-slide.  This problem happens so often with me that I’ve grown accustom to it.  The problem is typically stemming from lack of food, high acid content in my system and dehydration.  The run itself was fine aside from this.  I ran around Lake Calhoun and saw many other runners out there with me.  Does anyone have any tips for proper day time eating while working a sedentary architecture job?

Today’s gear:

Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ruuz

Clothing: Usain Bolt leg gins, K-Swiss shirt and jacket



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