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Days 39-46: A Very Busy Week

It’s been an incredibly busy week and I’ve been a terrible blogger.  I have, however, run every day this week and have managed to amass the highest mileage total of my journey so far.  First, my excuses for not blogging this week; I’ve been busy at work, I’ve gone out and gotten myself a new job and I’ve been running my brains out.  I had my second and final interview at a local architecture firm on Wednesday morning and I am fortunate enough to have received the job.  It’s a great situation for me in many ways; one of them being a little bit more time to train!  Monday was a bit of a mess for me as I had to make up for not running on Sunday.  I ran a 10k in the morning on the treadmill to finish last weeks runs and then ran 5.5 miles in the evening to begin this week.  

Week Six totals

Miles: 46.5

Time: 5:41:47

Overall totals

Miles: 226.52

Time: 28:42:25

I’ve also run 4 10ks this week on the treadmill.  I’ve been consistently getting quicker each time I’ve tried to.  One of the 10ks was a hill workout that was really fun.  Here is how it went:  first km at .5 grade, next 2 km at 1.0 grade, 1 km at 2.0 grade, 1 km at 1.0 grade for recovery, 1 km at 2.0 grade and 1 km at 3.0 grade.  Then I cooled down to 1 km at 1.0 grade and ran the last two km flat.  It really pushed me to work on my form and stay on top of my feet.  That was my Thursday evening workout.  Tuesday I ran a hard 10k and broke the 39 minute threshold.  This is not a necessarily huge step up for me, but it is a good building block in my runs.  

I’ve also been getting back to swimming this week.  I’m planning on ramping up my efforts in the pool come the first of the year.  Going three times per week is the plan and eventually rejoining my master’s group MWF at 6:00AM in the uptown YWCA (yes, this is an invitation to join us).  My ladies also went away this week.  No, not Alex; my bikes!  Stella and Cera headed off to Florida for a couple weeks at the Stadler spa and rejuvenation clinic.  When they come back they’ll look like totally new ladies.  I’ll be blogging about that process on location so, don’t fret!  

Back to the task at hand though.  The mileage for the week will touch 46 after today’s watch-free 5.5 miler.  Here’s how the week has gone:

M: 5.5 miles on the treadmill

T: 6.5 miles on the treadmill

W: 7.0 miles on the treadmill

R: 7.5 miles on the treadmill

F: 5.5 miles outdoors

S: 10.0 miles on the treadmill (@7:10 pace average)

S: 6.0 miles outdoors

Week Eight totals

Miles: 48.0

Time: 6:01:47

Overall totals

Miles: 274.52

Time: 34:43:25


I promise I’ll be better about blogging this week!  I’m also getting very excited about our Floridian vacation at the end of the month/over my birthday to visit my parents.  I’ll actually be able to run outside in SHORTS!  

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Day 30: Around the Lakes Again

Today I finally dragged myself out of bed at a reasonable hour and ran the lakes.  It was actually pretty pleasant.  The run was an easy 7:34 pace with a couple surges.  Nothing was really notable about this run other than the weather.  It was beautiful outside this morning, around the 50 degree mark and low breezes.  Very atypical November weather.

So, it’s been a month, the 100 days continue forward like an endless march to fitness.  I’m getting faster, getting stronger and feeling mentally stronger.  I’m really looking forward to December’s running.  It’s going to be a great month

Today’s Gear

Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ruuz (2012)

Apparel: K-Swiss accomplish shorts, Under Armour jacket


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Days 21-25: The Bad, The Slow and The Sick

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and yes, I know that I’m lumping four days of running together.  It’s ok because it’s been a sneeze-filled week.  I was sick for my last post and it didn’t go away in 24 hours.  Thursday’s run was difficult but, because the weather was so nice, I just toughed out my 6+ miles at the Alcorn residence.  It was fun to get away and run some rural routes for a change of scenery.  I also earned some extra dessert with that run, so it was all for a “good cause”.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Elk River and returned to Minneapolis amidst snowstorms and colder temperatures.  Alex and I headed to the YWCA for our black Friday morning kick off and had nice workouts.  She swam and I ran.  Friday was easily the worst day for my cold as I really felt like an old, tired dog.  It was all I could do to get my 4+ miles of running.  Shopping at the Mall of America did help a little bit, though!  So did the high doses of the ‘Quils (both day and ny varieties are especially in season).  Saturday and Sunday were ho-hum treadmill runs.  I ran 6.5 on Saturday at 6:58 pace and 7.01 on Sunday at a little bit quicker pace.  I am starting to feel much faster so maybe being sick has helped me to “unleash my inner potential”?  I digress; this week will be another cold one as I begin to acclimate to the awful, cold temperatures of the frozen north.  Many a treadmill miles will be run.

Reflecting on this past week brings me to a very elusive term: strength.  It’s not often that you can find great strength within yourself when you are dealing with physical illness.  Even though it was just a slight cold, I was able to overcome and have the strength to keep pushing through and continue with my plan.  I am beginning to feel slightly in shape and like I am making real progress.  If Saturday and Sunday are any indication of my potential, I believe I could be making some serious breakthroughs in the coming weeks.  So, stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me!  It’s already a quarter of the way to my goal and I am feeling great and fresh.


Week four totals

Miles: 44.17

Time: 5:15:47

Overall totals

Miles: 133.78

Time: 17:54:38




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