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Day 35: Lazily, I Ran

Ah yes, the winter chill is returning to Minneapolis.  I decided that I should take advantage of the last couple days of (supposed) decent weather and get back outside.  Tonight I ran through the Kenwood neighborhood (just South of downtown and full of hills).  I made sure not to push my pace too much and ran purely on feel.  I spent the first years of my running life (2009-2012) as a “zen runner” (sans watch).  It’s always nice to get back to the basics and notice what is happening around you instead of being consumed by pace and heart rate.  I’m really happy with where my fitness is going.  I ran ~6 miles and felt great most of the way.  I also saw some HILARIOUSLY gaudy Christmas lights.  I’ll take pictures next time.

Today’s Gear

Shoes:  K-Swiss K-Ruuz (2012)

Apparel: Champion C9 base layers, K-Swiss Accomplish track suit (black pant, white jacket), Hat, gloves

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Days 31 and 32: The Milwaukee Experience

This weekend I had the great privilege of running in the great city of Milwaukee.  Most of you who do not know me, don’t know that the Milwaukee Art Museum is one of my all time favorite places.  It’s an incredible building and everyone should go there.  The running was beautiful as well.  Saturday morning Alex and I ran with her cousin.  James is a 14 year old with tons of intellect and a great running stride.  It was a pleasure to run with them.  They accompanied me for 2 miles and then I sped off for a quick jaunt of 6 total miles.  The Sunday run was also really nice.  After waking up with a slight hangover due to a fantastic wedding reception the night before.  I can’t overemphasize how great if felt to run in this city this weekend.  The weather has been awesome as well, over 50 degrees and hardly a whisper of wind on Sunday (Saturday was awfully windy).

The Weekend’s Gear

Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ruuz (2011)

Apparel: K-Swiss Split Shorts and Under Armour Jacket

Data (and Photo):


Week Five totals

Miles: 46.24

Time: 5:22:47

Overall totals

Miles: 180.02

Time: 23:19:25


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Day 11: Recovery Speed Workout and Sunday Reflection

My first full week in the books and I have to say that I’m feeling better than I thought I might at this point.  Today’s run was a restorative run at a medium pace.  I ran 4 miles at 7:30 pace, not really much to say other than it was another drizzly, windy morning and I’m glad the run is over!  Looking back on this first week I’ve definitely started to feel stronger and more confident about my running.  It’s still not very fast but that will come with time.  I feel pain free and all systems are “go”.

Today’s gear:

Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ruuz 1.5

Clothing: K-Swiss jacket and Usain Bolt leggings

Glasses: Pivlock V-90 Max with clear lens


Last night was the 14th annual Minnesota Tri Night.  This year it was held at Gear West Bike in Long Lake.  I thoroughly enjoy going to these events because they bring together the community that I am so proud to be a part of.  Alex was with me last night and she was introduced to the social side of the sport and she had a great time as well.  Congratulations to all the athletes winning awards last night and hopefully I’ll make my bid next year after this offseason of hard work.

In other parts of life this week, I finally got carbon wheels and am so excited to race them in the future.  I got a set of Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLs for a price I “could not refuse”.  Work was pretty trying this week as well.  I’m currently working on a commercial renovation project near St. Paul and it’s been fast-tracked, putting a strain on the project manager and myself to churn out drawings and details at a breakneck pace.  It was a typical 47 hour work week but it felt like much more.


I’m really looking forward to the week ahead to learn more about myself through running.  I’m really starting to crash through the miles and I expect to be around 55 miles per week by the end of the month.  The weather is getting colder here, which will make me want to hibernate even more than I already do but, I have a girlfriend to keep me on track and a lot of drive!

Week two totals

Miles: 38.53

Time: 4:59:50

Overall totals

Miles: 58.09

Time: 7:31:40

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