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The Offseason Begins!

Training and Physiological Understanding

Ah yes, that magical time when training plans fall to the wayside, cookies become bountiful and visions of future podium finishes dance in my head.  After a pretty strenuous past few months of working towards my first Iron-Distance triathlon I’ve spent the past couple weeks tapering down my training and working out some plans for the next three months.  So, here’s the plan:  Unstructured swim/bike/run training of around 10hrs per week, a strengthening program that will help protect some current injuries and I’m going to monitor my nutrition to see if I can continue to clean things up (the past couple weeks have been, well, “plentiful”).  The week after Beach 2 Battleship I had a body composition test performed to set a baseline for the offseason.  The body composition test revealed that I have some room for growth and some imbalances in my body.  Of particular note, my body fat % was 12.9% (+/- 2%) and my left leg was .5lbs lighter in muscle mass than my right leg.  The leg imbalance is particularly curious because I’ve fought with left hip, IT band and knee problems since the beginning of my endurance “career”.  The body fat % was a little higher than where I thought I was, as well.  Both of these statistics point to areas where I can improve my physiology to become stronger and faster; this is where my three month program gets its name “Operation strongfast”.  

2014 Season Planning

2014 is going to be a transitional year for me.  As amped up as I am to race another iron-distance and get to my next goals, I have to exercise some patience and self control.  I know that I need to put some big miles into my bike legs as part of a two year plan and that I need to gain a lot of confidence on the run to put the good images in the front of my mind.  With all of these ideas in mind, I’m going to reduce my race volume from the past couple years and focus on racing with more quality.  Right now I’m looking to 3-4 Olympic Distance races (Buffalo, Trinona, Nationals and a maybe on Lifetime Minneapolis), 2-3 Half Irons (High Cliff, Racine 70.3 and a maybe on Square Lake) with a sprint sprinkled in here or there for funzies.  Sponsorship is pretty sordid right now as I’m not renewing with K-Swiss and have been trying out new shoes and altogether new products since Chisago Half.  I “ran” Beach 2 Battleship in Skora Phase running shoes and generally felt good in those.  Most of my run implosion came from missed nutrition.  I also raced in a lot of Castelli gear and really loved that, as well.  I’ll continue testing out some other shoes and gear this winter to find out what is most comfortable and best for me.  This is going to be a fun process.  Also, I’m going to hop back into the world of road racing this summer with the intentions of “Cat-ing up from Cat 5 to Cat 3” via: 1-day Stage Races, The State Fair Criterium Series, State Road Race, State Time Trial and the Nature Valley Amateur Crit Races.  I hear what you’re saying: “But Cody, you don’t have a road bike and you haven’t EVER raced in criteriums!” Little do you know, internet naysayer, that I am now the proud owner of a road bike that I’m in the process of building up (yeah, I’ve still never raced a criterium) and I’m a pretty confident bike handler (go ahead, ask around).

That’s the plan, for now and I’ll keep things up to date on here as they progress.  So far, I’m one week into “Operation strongfast” and it’s going pretty well.  It’s been six years since I’ve really done any weight training and it’s a good feeling to jump into a different mentality from this endurance jazz.  I can’t wait to see what the Winter brings!

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