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Day 37: The “Simulated Triathlon”

Today’s workout has been planned for a little while to gauge my fitness.  It went a little something like this: 2400m swim with a 1000m main set, 1hr bike (approx 22 miles on the trainer with some good bursts around the 28-30 mph range) and a 5k at balls-out pace.  The bike and run would be back-to-back given that I would be swimming before work and would then spend ~10hrs in “T1”.

The morning swim felt really strong.  I am continuing to make little improvements with my swim and am starting to feel really comfortable pushing my pace.  I didn’t time my overall 1000m but I did notice I was swimming around 1:30s per 100m.  I guess things are coming along well.  T1 was really difficult today; ‘nough said.   I was so looking forward to getting back on Cera tonight and giving her some real effort.  She rewarded me by allowing my legs to feel fresh coming off the bike.  I moved my saddle forward a few cm and it really helped my position.  I made a quick T2 and hopped on the treadmill, instantly cranking up the pace to 3:50 per km.  I ran 5k really hard and then chilled out for a cool down 3k.

All in all I feel really positive about the effort I put forth tonight.  I hit my big goal, which was sub 20 5k off of a medium effort bike and I really can’t complain about that.  I think duathlon season is going to be really positive this year.  I can’t wait for my first race.

Today’s Gear:

Swim: Barracuda Hydrobat, Tyr Drag shorts (skull ‘n bones)

Bike: Bont Sub-9 shoes, K-Swiss cycling kit

Run: K-Swiss K-Ona R (2011), K-Swiss Split v2 shorts

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100 Days of Running, the Preamble

Having briefly mentioned the challenge of “100 days of running” in my introductory post, I believe now is an appropriate time to further explain.  In one week, I will embark upon a journey through running.  I will push myself to run each day for 100 days.  My total mileage will be somewhere in the 600-700 range and I will probably burn through two pairs of shoes.  I plan on making a unique blog for each day with a summary of the work, the gear and my state of mental being.  Some days will be light, some dark, some will be bleak and some will be downright miserable.  Running has been my Achilles heel in the sport of triathlon since my very first race.  I have zero background in running outside of triathlon and this gangantuan task aims at growing my base.

The Rules:

A willy-nilly 100 days of running seems like a bad idea and a good way to become injured so I am making rules for myself to follow in terms of effort, pace, duration, etc.

1) All runs minimum of 30 minutes in duration.

2) No back-to-back speed workouts.

3) No long speed work until day 50.

4) Have fun with workouts, include variety of routes, run with other people.

The Goals:

This is split between qualitative and quantitative metrics.  Quantitatively, this effort is all about making my run stronger.  With respect to triathlon racing, my goals are: 10k @ 35′-38′ half marathon @ 1:30′ and full marathon @ 3:30′-3:40′.  I also have a goal of racing an open half marathon ~1:18 (current pr is 1:25).  The biggest goal is the marathon pace.  I will be racing my first full iron distance this coming fall and I want to actually “race” it.  This is going to require some serious effort.  Qualitatively, I want to gain confidence in my run.  As it stands, I feel like the only way I could win a triathlon is to be leading by 20′ coming off the bike.  I need to be able to chase people down or at least keep pace.  I also want to learn to appreciate the art of running and continue to discover things about myself.  For me, running has always been a zen-like experience and a type of meditation; I hope to cultivate this feeling to fuel the 100 days and come out a little bit stronger, mentally, on the other side.

The Metrics/The Workouts:

I will be utilizing some new equipment over this task that has me pretty excited.  I (finally) acquired a Garmin forerunner 310xt to help with mileages and pacing.  I’ve previously used my iPhone with strava and imapmyfitness but, this tool will be much better.  I am going to run treadmill runs, indoor track, outdoor paved and outdoor trail (time permitting).  All of these will work in symphony to keep variety paramount so as to obliterate boredom.  I’m still going to be swimming and biking with all of these runs as well so, that should help.


In all, I’m really excited about this journey and to share it with my friends and family.  I know that it is going to be a turning point for many reasons and I’m chomping at the bit to begin.  For now, it’s time to enjoy the last 7 days of unstructured training before it begins.

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