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Day 37: The “Simulated Triathlon”

Today’s workout has been planned for a little while to gauge my fitness.  It went a little something like this: 2400m swim with a 1000m main set, 1hr bike (approx 22 miles on the trainer with some good bursts around the 28-30 mph range) and a 5k at balls-out pace.  The bike and run would be back-to-back given that I would be swimming before work and would then spend ~10hrs in “T1”.

The morning swim felt really strong.  I am continuing to make little improvements with my swim and am starting to feel really comfortable pushing my pace.  I didn’t time my overall 1000m but I did notice I was swimming around 1:30s per 100m.  I guess things are coming along well.  T1 was really difficult today; ‘nough said.   I was so looking forward to getting back on Cera tonight and giving her some real effort.  She rewarded me by allowing my legs to feel fresh coming off the bike.  I moved my saddle forward a few cm and it really helped my position.  I made a quick T2 and hopped on the treadmill, instantly cranking up the pace to 3:50 per km.  I ran 5k really hard and then chilled out for a cool down 3k.

All in all I feel really positive about the effort I put forth tonight.  I hit my big goal, which was sub 20 5k off of a medium effort bike and I really can’t complain about that.  I think duathlon season is going to be really positive this year.  I can’t wait for my first race.

Today’s Gear:

Swim: Barracuda Hydrobat, Tyr Drag shorts (skull ‘n bones)

Bike: Bont Sub-9 shoes, K-Swiss cycling kit

Run: K-Swiss K-Ona R (2011), K-Swiss Split v2 shorts

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