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Weekly Training Recap


Swim – 13670 yds/4:05

Bike – 152.30 miles/7:38

Run – 28.00 miles/3:24 

Total time: 15:07

It’s been a good first week back on the bike full time for me.  I’m slowly building my legs back and am beginning to feel like a triathlete again.  For me, cycling has always been my strength and I believe it will always be as such.  Unfortunately, I’ve never put in the proper amount of time to be a really efficient cyclist in the triathlon world (i.e. being able to run off the bike).  This training oversight is going to be fixed moving forward as I mentioned in my previous post.  

I had a couple really key workouts this week that I’ll discuss a little bit more in depth.  Firstly, I had a really solid interval treadmill session on Tuesday that pushed me to a really good level.  I ran 5 x 5′ intervals at ascending speed with 1′ rest between each interval.  The overall pace for the  7 mile workout was 6:46/mi including warm up and warm down.  I’ll continue to use this format weekly to push my pace and build some speed (something I am severely lacking).

The second workout (the one with data) is from Saturday’s group trainer ride with the Optum Health gang at the Downtown YMCA.  It had been a while since I’d seen coach Kris Swarthout and I had forgotten how great of a personality he has.  The Optum Health team is full of super cool people and I hope they continue doing this group trainer ride through the ugly months and then hopefully it transitions into group rides in the summer.  There were lots of intervals and really focused work in this ride.  Check out the data below:




In gear news, nothing especially awesome happened this week (no new bikes or anything) but, I did get my new cycling shoes: Bontrager RXL Hilos in chrome.  They’re pictured below.  Enjoy!



I’ll be up around 16 hrs this week in training and hopefully jacking up the cycling a little bit more as well.  Enjoy your week!

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Training Update and Random Musings

Greetings all!  It’s been a crazy first few weeks of my build period.  I’ve gotten sick, swam more mileage than over the past few months combined and finally got my lovely lady (my bike) back from the spa.  All in all, it’s been a good first two months of training for me.  I’ve definitely re-learned some things about my body as well as learned some new things about how I’m adapting to a much heavier training load.  I’m going to break down my training by discipline for a more “precise” update.  Totals will be from 01.January-21.February.


Swim – 82,000 yds, just over 10,000 yds./wk.

The first 8 weeks have been really focused around building swim fitness.  I have absolutely zero background in swimming outside of triathlons.  In fact, I’ve only been swimming in a pool since I began graduate school in the fall of 2009 (with my good buddy Matt Dodds).  This volume represents, probably, half of my total swim training from last year (no joke).  This can only mean good things for me in the upcoming season.  I’ll be reducing my volume moving forward from here to around 8000 yds./wk. because my focus will be shifting into bike mode and then running.  

I’m pretty pleased with where I’ve come from with regards to swimming but, there is A LOT more work to be done if I have any dreams of ever getting out of the water within striking distance of the leaders at any race.  Also, swimming short course meters is pretty awesome!


Bike – 270 miles

My beautiful Cera was in Florida over December and January getting a nice little spa treatment.  She came back to me a couple weeks back and has instantly gotten back into the rotation.  



Cera at the spa (i.e. the race shop)


The first week back with her was really light (45 miles) but went up to 65 miles last week and is at 95 miles right now with two workouts still ahead for this week.  My current training focus, as mentioned above, is cycling.  I’m going for some good volumes over the next 2 months on the trainer; 160 miles this week, 170 the next couple, then 180 miles for two weeks and peaking at 200 miles for two weeks before I tune it back down to around 180 miles.  This week is easily the largest volume of offseason cycling I’ve ever done, easily.  In actuality, if I remain healthy, this will be the largest volume I’ve ever had on the bike, stay tuned for some fun recaps of cycling training.


“Cera” all set up in front of my training station with Top Gear (UK) in the background; my view for the rest of winter.


Run – 175 miles, ~25 mpw

It’s been a strange start to my season for running, to be honest.  I aborted my 100 days of running because of some ankle stuff and took a full 10 days off.  I have drastically good days and drastically bad days, seemingly back to back.  I’ve been dealing with GI things and all sorts of just “off” feelings.  In all, I’ve had some good runs though.  I had a 7 mile run this week that I pulled 6×5′ intervals with 1′ rest and all of the intervals were just over 6:00/mi pace.  I’ve also had some disastrously awful runs; like Sunday, I slipped on ice 7 miles into a 10 mile run and dislocated my left index finger (fun times, NOT) and ended up just limping it home after 8 miles.  I know it’s early in the season but, I have some not so good thoughts about how slowly I’m (still) running.  I know that I have zero chance of getting near my goals if I can’t get up to pace with the pointy end of the field.  

Luckily, I have some sweet new gear from K-Swiss to help me out.  I picked up a couple pairs of Blade-light runs, a pair of Blade-max glides, K-Ruuz and I have new Kwicky neutrals on the way.  The new kit is on the way as well! 


Some of the new gear.  I have the best sponsor and best rep ever.



I know I’ve alluded to goals for the season in numerous posts before this one but, I’m going to summarize what I actually want from this season right here, right now: I want to win my first triathlon this season, overall.  I want to break 4:30 in a half iron, I want to break 10:00 in my first iron distance race.  These are pretty lofty goals for me but, I finally have the time to dedicate to training and preparation.  With a full offseason and spring leading up to a very full race schedule, I see no reason I can’t accomplish these goals.  I’m not going to win a race like Lifetime because of the depth of the field, same probably goes for Buffalo, Waconia and Chisago.  I’m looking to my High Cliff half iron as my “A” race this summer and Beach2Battleship as my “A” race in the fall.  Lifetime and Buffalo will be “B” races or “A prime”.  I’m really excited to begin the season and can’t wait to see my friends racing again!


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