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Weekly Training Recap


Swim – 13670 yds/4:05

Bike – 152.30 miles/7:38

Run – 28.00 miles/3:24 

Total time: 15:07

It’s been a good first week back on the bike full time for me.  I’m slowly building my legs back and am beginning to feel like a triathlete again.  For me, cycling has always been my strength and I believe it will always be as such.  Unfortunately, I’ve never put in the proper amount of time to be a really efficient cyclist in the triathlon world (i.e. being able to run off the bike).  This training oversight is going to be fixed moving forward as I mentioned in my previous post.  

I had a couple really key workouts this week that I’ll discuss a little bit more in depth.  Firstly, I had a really solid interval treadmill session on Tuesday that pushed me to a really good level.  I ran 5 x 5′ intervals at ascending speed with 1′ rest between each interval.  The overall pace for the  7 mile workout was 6:46/mi including warm up and warm down.  I’ll continue to use this format weekly to push my pace and build some speed (something I am severely lacking).

The second workout (the one with data) is from Saturday’s group trainer ride with the Optum Health gang at the Downtown YMCA.  It had been a while since I’d seen coach Kris Swarthout and I had forgotten how great of a personality he has.  The Optum Health team is full of super cool people and I hope they continue doing this group trainer ride through the ugly months and then hopefully it transitions into group rides in the summer.  There were lots of intervals and really focused work in this ride.  Check out the data below:




In gear news, nothing especially awesome happened this week (no new bikes or anything) but, I did get my new cycling shoes: Bontrager RXL Hilos in chrome.  They’re pictured below.  Enjoy!



I’ll be up around 16 hrs this week in training and hopefully jacking up the cycling a little bit more as well.  Enjoy your week!

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