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Days 66-70: Big Runs, First Brick and an Abrupt End to the 100 Days

Well, it’s been a difficult week and a half.  I’ve been dealing with some ankle and achilles tendon issues for the past few days and it really flared up during my brick on Sunday (January 6th).  I tried to run through it on the 7th and made it 5 miles.  By the time January 8th came around, I couldn’t go more than .2 miles.  I made the executive decision that I didn’t want to sacrifice my season due to the blow to my ego of not finishing the 100 days.  I had a really strong long run on Saturday the 5th of 11 miles in 1:17.  I just started feeling really strong about my running and then this catastrophe happened.

Moving forward, I’m shifting into a more sustainable triathlon training regimen.  I’m going to focus on my swim for the next couple weeks while working on some functional strength training.  Running will be very touch-and-go for the next month, I believe.  I don’t want to rush back into it and extend my recovery time and put my season in jeopardy.  I will also try to do some light bike workouts as well.  

For swimming, I’m going to work on a 5-day per week program that makes my total volume near 13km.  If I can keep some semblance of fitness while swimming, I should be able to pick up nearly where I left off with my running.  

I’m doing my best not to succumb to the darkness now that I’m injured.  I will come back stronger and with fresh legs.  Stay tuned for swim workouts!

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